• Where do your trips begin?

    At the LOS MOCHIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT with round trip transfers to our Santa Anita Hotel in Los Mochis and/or our Posada del Hidalgo Hotel in El Fuerte; and at CHIHUAHUA CITY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and accommodations at Palacio del Sol Hotel.

  • How does one get to Los Mochis or Chihuahua to begin a Copper Canyon Tour?

    International gateways such as Phoenix, Tucson, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Tijuana offer air service to Los Mochis in order to begin a tour. TUCSON has daily flights, mid-day departures and arrivals, and the lowest international airfares to Los Mochis. Tucson flight schedules allow for easy, same day connections from anywhere in the U.S. International flights to Los Mochis also depart from: LAX, Phoenix, Las Vegas, El Paso and San Antonio. We know the lowest international fares and we also have special discounted fares to assist you. [See Map]

  • How long has Balderrama Hotels & Tours been in business?

    Balderrama has been offering tours to the Copper Canyon under the same family ownership and management since the completion of the Chihuahua al Pacifico rail system in 1961. Balderrama understands and truly cares about your great expectations.

  • What documents are required to enter Mexico?

    Foreigners entering Mexico as tourists must present proof of citizenship at the port of entry of the country. Valid proof of citizenship is a current passport or a birth certificate, either original or certified copy.

  • How often does the train operate?

    One train daily in each direction — 6:00 AM — is the scheduled itinerary each day. Train #73 departs Los Mochis daily to Chihuahua City. Train #74 departs Chihuahua City daily to Los Mochis. Balderrama provides free transportation from and to train stations from our lodges.

  • Can one get on and off the train easily?

    Yes you may, however, once off you cannot reboard until 24 hours later when the next train passes through, which obviously requires overnight lodging at the respective point.

    The only exception is the Divisadero tourist stop. This is the closest that the rail line actually comes to the edge of one corner of the canyon complex. Each train stops for approximately 15 minutes at Divisadero to allow passengers to walk the 150 yards to the edge of the canyon for picture taking.

  • What is the elevation during the trip?

    Los Mochis is 15 miles inland from the Sea of Cortez, at 75 feet above sea level. Chihuahua City’s elevation is 4,800 feet above sea level, in high desert plateau terrain. The railroad travels between these two elevations, reaching its highest point at approximately 8,000 feet in mountainous pine country.

  • Does information on this web site differ from the brochures?

    MexicosCopperCanyon.com is constantly updated and is likely to have more complete and current information about specials, new tours, hotel descriptions, transfers and other useful information. While we strive for perfection, errors are inevitable, both in print and on this web site. If you have any questions or wish to confirm any information, pleasecontact us.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    MexicosCopperCanyon.com accepts payments via: MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

  • How can your trips operate daily?

    All of our trips have daily departures or several departures per week but they are subject to availability. We have resident assistant bilingual guides, drivers and lodge staff that work only for Balderrama Hotels & Tours. We also have a fleet of vans, suburban vehicles, an Extra Deluxe 50 Passenger Executive Bus & river boats. NO OTHER COMPANY — in Mexico or the United States — has our unique infrastructure to operate Copper Canyon trips for individuals and groups. We operate our own hotels & lodges in Los Mochis, El Fuerte, Cerocahui and Divisadero, where each guest room has a balcony with a spectacular view overlooking the canyon.

  • What is included in the trip packages price?

    Virtually everything! All meals, all hotels, all activities, a great itinerary, free airport transfers, Chepe Train tickets, all ground transportation and excursions. Purified water at meals & free bottled water on motor coach. Balderrama’s professional staff will be with you every step of the way ensuring a worry free vacation.

  • What is not included in the tour price?

    Prices do not include air travel, country entry or departure fees, airport porter fees, visas, phones, valet, all items of a personal nature, food and beverages not on the regular menu and tips to the lodges’ personnel and drivers.

  • How long will each day be?

    A well paced and unhurried itinerary is our goal, after all, you are on vacation! Touring days begin and end at reasonable hours and include frequent stops. While the occasional early morning departure is necessary, we do our best to ensure a leisurely vacation.

  • Do you have family trips?

    Families are always welcome on any of our tours, but we do not have any programs specifically for or limited to families. Families can make specific requests for connecting, adjacent, triple or quad rooms, when available.

  • Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

    No. You may choose to skip one or all activities and relax at your hotel or do some independent exploring instead.

  • Do your trips have minimum and maximum participant restrictions?

    No. No restrictions at all.

  • When is the best time to travel?

    The Copper Canyon is a year round destination. The various seasons offer distinctive delights. At altitudes of more than 1,800 meters above sea-level, the climate ranges from temperate to cold for the greater part of the year, with light rains in the winter and occasional heavy snowfalls which creates a scene of great beauty. The highest occupancy times in the hotels are Fall and Spring due to group travel bookings.

  • What is the best part of the train ride?

    Undoubtedly, the most dramatic part of the train ride is the southern or western end of the line between El Fuerte and Barrancas Divisadero. The elevation change on this portion of the rail line is 7,000 feet, from close to sea level and semi-tropical, semi deciduous forest, to oak and pine conifer forest in the mountains.

    For this reason, during the late fall, winter and into early spring, is recommended that you have at least one segment of the train ride beginning from Los Mochis or El Fuerte in order to guarantee morning light through this portion of the line, since it has the most masterful part of the engineering feat. Most of the 39 bridges and 86 tunnels are on this portion of the line.